2019 April Reflections

During the month designated to honor Child Abuse Prevention, in addition to efforts at the level of family and community, the abuses of children at the US southern boundary deserve an analytical eye. The excellent document by the International Rescue Committee Seeking Safety at the Border provides a level of detail about the present situation and its history that affect children in their families who are seeking refuge.

An accompanying 22 page document, Disorder by Design: A Manufactured US Emergency an the Real Crisis in Central America summarizes violence in the northern triangle (El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras) with descriptions of the situation in El Salvador going back to 1930. Of particular note is the detail given to the intervention steps that occur prior to appearing at the US border for asylum.  The functional disintegration of our current asylum system is penalizing families and children and leaving a wake of disrupted systems of support.

Threshold Evaluation Consulting, LLC

For whatever understanding you might have from mainstream media about the refugees coming from Central America, reading this report will open your eyes to what might become reassembled to provide support to families and children.