Evaluation Experience Summary

-Conducted program evaluations for various agencies using participatory philosophy in Peru, Costa Rica, Liberia, Ecuador and Dominican Republic as short term consultant.
​-Designed evaluations that use qualitative, quantitative or combined methods appropriate to health programs’ essential evaluation questions.
-Mentored and taught methods of evaluation to maximize team potential (University ofColorado Denver); methods included interviews, surveys and focus groups.
-Developed data management and analysis systems in team-based evaluations.
-Presented evaluation findings to stakeholders, funders and national audiences.
​-Advised doctoral candidates on dissertation research in public health.

Recent Position

Research Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver. Evaluation research, dissertation advising, and teaching graduate and undergraduate students (1999-2011, 50-70% FTE).

Evaluation Experience: Technical Skills

Analysis of qualitative data using Atlas-ti, and MS Access, quantitative descriptive analysis using MS Access, Excel.
Updated 2013 Developed sequential multi-method evaluation questions based on data analysis.Team collaboration to integrate quantitative and quantitative data results.
Monitoring and Evaluation: Recent Projects 
-Evaluation Director. Healthier Living Colorado. Colorado Department of Public Healthand Environment with funds from The Colorado Health Foundation. Older AdultWellness project. Qualitative and quantitative methods, 2007-2010.
-Evaluation team member and data system developer. Rapid assessment in 26communities of Cajamarca region in Peru. Qualitative and quantitative methods (in Spanish), July 2005 and follow-up consultancy, July 2006.
-Principal Evaluation Director. Association for Prevention Teaching and Research(APTR). Rapid assessment of public health course development, 2007.
-Evaluation consultant. Displaced Children and Orphan Fund, USAID. Evaluation of programs for working street children (in Spanish), July 1999 and February 2004.
-Evaluation team member and data system developer, analyst. Survey of needs for education regarding HIV prevention. University of Colorado Denver, Health and Behavioral Sciences. Qualitative and quantitative methods, 2001-2003.
​-Evaluation Director. Mile High United Way. “Creating Safer Schools: Violenceprevention.” Qualitative and quantitative methods, 1999-2002.